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We are MJ Solutions Group. A TEAM of professionals focused on the cannabis space.

And no, we’re not your typical “rookies” jumping into the cannabis space! Our Team represents 60+ years of “in the trenches” collaborative experience [Yeah, a couple of us are old Dudes] with cannabis [indoor/outdoor grow], dispensary startups including mobile delivery, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Bank Secrecy (BSA) regulatory, compliance and banking expertise.

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Our MJSolutionsGroup Attorney [To call him, use “Free Exploratory Call” link top of this page.] is a white collar criminal defense lawyer and nationally recognized anti-money laundering/Bank Secrecy Act regulatory and compliance expert with over 15 years of federal and state court trial and appellate experience.  He was a federal prosecutor in California for 10+ years. He has handled hundreds of federal criminal matters and prosecuted a variety of criminal violations including domestic and international drug trafficking, numerous marijuana cases, domestic and international money laundering, bank fraud and related financial crimes, and the RICO Act. NOTE: The State Bar of California has not taken a formal position on lawyers representing marijuana-related entities, but a spokeswoman said some local bar associations in the Golden State have issued ethics opinions detailing how attorneys may ethically represent clients with respect to a medical marijuana enterprise. Due to this current lack of clarity, we are not comfortable revealing the name of our expert attorney at this time. Of course, if you are in need of experienced legal counsel today, reach out to and he will be happy to explore your unique situation and offer his expertise.

Our Dispensary Operators: Having a combined total of 16+ years successfully launching and operating a California medical marijuana dispensary with a mobile delivery component, confirms the founders of not only have the credentials BUT “in-the-trenches” experience and knowledge YOU want on YOUR team to effect your desired outcome in the cannabis space. Want to “work” in a “live” dispensary in So. Calif.? Want to get your hands dirty; literally in a Boot Camp environment? Reach out, get behind the counter, and LEARN!

Our Guru: Our go-to “Guru” for real-world cannabis grow indoor/outdoor expertise has “worked the dirt,” cleaned the pots, strung the lamps, monitored the ph… for 20+ years. His skills are unmatched and the stuff he does is simply amazing. Collaborate with and you gain access to his considerable knowledge base.

Bob is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist, (CAMS)  past president of the Nevada Check Cashing Association and past director in FISCA with 25+ years of leadership in the Money Service Business (MSB) industry including check cashing, payday and title lending, wire transfers and pre-paid products.  Bob has conducts independent reviews, risk assessments and drafts AML (Anti Money Laundering) programs, policies and procedures in accordance with Title 31 of the U.S. Patriot Act as well as Title 26 trade and business for various industries including MSB, Dealers in Precious Metals, Pawn and Digital Currency. He also conducts numerous seminars for various trade associations as well as private entities relative to matters of compliance and fraud. Bob is also an avid writer and contributes regularly to industry trade journals. 702-596-8370

Jer Trihouse. [LinkedIn Profile] Mover & Shaker in the Payday Loan and Cannabis industries. Teacher… Lender… Resource… Answers… Advocate… Alternative Lending [payday loan/installment lending/title loan] and cannabis industries. Consultant, “go-to-guy” for startups and founders. You need help? Solutions? Introductions? Funding? Access to a knowledge base built via “years in the trenches” rather than an academic prespective? Jer is your co-founder, consultant, investor. Focused on start-ups in Small Dollar Credit/Microlending and Cannabis ventures including operations, marketing, Internet models, brick-n-mortar development, mobile strategies, website development, regulatory & compliance, State and Tribe licensed lending models, . ACH, ICL, Debit, Credit… 702-208-6736 (PDT)

Will is a leader in digital currencies including Bitcoin. Backed by Y-Combinator, as well as other Silicon Valley Based Investors, Will brought several digital currency products to market in over 15 countries. Having established banking relationships, as well as distribution channels, Will is well versed in cash management and security relative to the cannabis having operational hands on experience in that space as well as the digital currency space.

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